Saturday, 14 February 2009

Ode to a Perfect Pancreas

I hadn’t realised just how much my pancreas did for me until it stopped working properly and I became a Type 1 diabetic. What a thing of beauty a fully-functioning pancreas is!

Ode to a Perfect Pancreas

Oh Pancreas, perfect Pancreas,
Oh will you please be mine?
And let me feel the touch of your
Secretions endocrine?

My own dear pancreas failed me
And has left me in the lurch
What can I do to make you mine
And end my ceaseless search?

I love your Islets of Langerhans,
Suffused with treasured stores
Of beta cells, all working well,
A credit to their cause!

The insulin that you put forth,
Oh! If it only could
Restrict the upper limits of
The sweetness in my blood!

You’d be the organ of my dreams,
I’d always treat you well,
And if I could I’d lavish love
On each and every cell!

Oh please, O perfect pancreas,
Your functioning’s divine,
So let me be the one for you –
Your Type 1 Valentine!