Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pretty Polly Yureeya

This was prompted by the often heard phrase ‘I could pee for England!’ when people are talking about their pre-diagnosis (and it seems, often overlooked) diabetes symptom of polyuria, which is the need to urinate copiously and often. Raised blood sugar levels cause the body to try and flush out the excess glucose, which causes dehydration and, as a consequence, increased thirst. The symptom can be eased in some people with Type 2 diabetes by a combination of diet and exercise which bring the blood sugar levels under control and make the body’s use of insulin more efficient…

Pretty Polly Yureeya

Now, pretty Polly Yureeya
Had a rare, unwanted skill –
She could pee and pee all day and night,
But never drink her fill!

Her doctor wasn’t helpful,
Her symptoms made him pause,
He wracked his brains and wrung his hands,
But couldn’t find their cause.

‘But don’t despair, dear Polly,
Now hush your quivering lips!
I suggest you pee for England
In the World Pee Championships!

She thought about the honour,
The glory and the fame!
From this day on she felt her life
Would never be the same!

‘I’ll probably need coaching
To make me fit and lean,
And be the greatest pee’er
The world has ever seen!’

And so, she hired a trainer,
A dedicated man,
Who would devise without delay
A diet and fitness plan.

Each day the pair went running,
And slowly, mile by mile,
He wore down her resistance with
The sweetness of his smile.

It was a shock to realise
How sensitive she became –
Each fibre of her being flushed
At the mention of his name!

As her prepared with tenderness
Each fat-free, healthy meal,
She thought, ‘I must come clean with him,
And tell him how I feel!’

So she declared undying love
And made her feelings clear,
But found that she no longer was
A world-class champion pee’er!

It seems that with her healthy ways
Her prowess had declined,
But with her new love, Hin Soolyn,
She really didn’t mind!

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