Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bolus for a biscuit!

I’m in two minds about insulin pumps. I can get through my days reasonably well and my blood sugar levels are extremely good. But since I became tied to only eating if I inject, and only exercising if my levels are just right, then worrying afterwards if they’ll fall too low because the basal insulin I injected 12 hours ago is now too high – I’ve been becoming more and more seduced by the flexibility that a pump would bring. The downside for me at the moment is whether I really want to be permanently attached and dependent on a sophisticated electronic device. Injections seem to be so much simpler, but do limit your lifestyle considerably compared to a non-diabetic’s. Pumps can make such tiny and rapid adjustments that they much more closely mimic a fully-functioning pancreas. However, because of the expense involved, it’s unlikely to be a choice I’ll have to make any time soon…
One hundred and twenty five monthly injections,
One thousand, five hundred a year,
And virtual abstention from sugary confections –
Now which do you think you’d prefer?

If your other choice was, instead of a pen,
To wear a device day and night
That pumped constant insulin under your skin,
Can you say? Do you think that you might?

What if the tubing should get pulled loose
As you toss and turn in your bed?
Or coils itself into a hangman’s noose,
And then you should wake up dead?!

Imagine though, if you were offered some cake,
When at one time you wouldn’t dare risk it,
The tiny increments you’d be able to make –
And bolus for a biscuit!

So if your levels swing from low to high,
Or possibly go ballistic!
Then let electronic wizards show you why
The future’s optimistic!

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