Thursday, 16 July 2009

Do you love the smell of lantus in the evening?

I use two kinds of insulin to control my diabetes – a fast-acting (bolus) one called Novorapid, and a slow-acting (basal) called Lantus. Both have their own particular ‘scent’, but the Lantus is probably the stronger. It’s not an unpleasant aroma. You pick it up when you do an airshot to make sure there are no bubbles of air in the needle. You do this, not because injecting air would do you harm, as it’s only under the skin and not into a vein – but because injecting air means you’re not injecting insulin and therefore not getting a full dose.

Estimating the dose can be an incredibly complex task, as there are so many factors to consider, but in time you begin to get a feeling for what’s right without too much complicated mathematics!

Do you love the smell of lantus in the evening?
Especially when the glucose reading's high?
But too much of it could mean going hypo,
And a late night feast of lucozade and pie.

Do you love the taste of porridge in the morning?
If it's covered with a bolus that's just right.
But working out just how big a bolus
Would even give the Vorderman a fright!

You have to take account of waking sugars,
And if you're going to run a mile or so,
And if that dreaded man-flu you've been feeling
Will need corrective treatment on the go.

Do you love your meter when the reading's normal,
But wish you didn't have to squeeze out blood?
Those fingers, sore from constant piercings
Would rather miss the testing if they could...

Do you sometimes think your body must be stupid
To turn against your pancreas that way?
But thankful that it's something you can manage
If you keep your wits about you day by day.

So, if you've just found out you're diabetic,
As I found out a few short months ago,
Then try to keep your spirits on the high side,
And do your best to keep your 'numbers' low!

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