Thursday, 23 July 2009

Doctor Dim

Unfortunately, it seems that the healthcare professionals charged with our care are of variable quality up and down the country, particularly General Practitioners. Some are excellent, with an up to date knowledge of the latest research and treatment methods, very supportive of their patients and concerned primarily for their welfare. Others, sadly, are more concerned with budgets, reducing costs and restricting appointment times rigidly to a measly ten minutes. These latter GPs are also likely to be the ones who are still operating on the knowledge they gained in an afternoon as a student, twenty years previously. I have a good GP who understands that I know about my diabetes better than her, as I deal with it every day, but she is supportive, listens to my concerns, and prescribes the things I need. However, some GPs are loathe to prescribe blood testing strips, particularly to Type 2 diabetics who are not on insulin, on the grounds that they cannot use the information effectively. This is not true, as all diabetics need to know how food affects their blood glucose levels so that they can make necessary adjustments to their diet and lifestyle – the only way they can do this is to test and ‘learn from their meter’. We can only do our best in the face of such ignorance, stand our ground and use the logic of our arguments to ensure we get the level of care we need.

It looks to me as if you’ve let
Your levels get too low,
Trust me, I’m a doctor,
So I think that I should know!

I think you need to test your blood,
But only once a week,
There is no need to test it more,
You’d be a testing freak!

We have to save the pennies here,
And strips are too expensive
For you to test at every meal,
That would be too intensive!

Now, insulin – I’ve noticed that
You’re using far too much!
I’d like you to reduce it please,
You only need a touch.

What’s that you say? I can’t be right?
I think you’ll find, my dear,
Even though you think you know,
That I’m the doctor here!

I’m sorry, but the buzzer’s gone,
And now your time is up –
I haven’t had my coffee yet,
I’m gasping for a cup!

Come back again in six month’s time,
And please take every pill,
We’ll check your blood and find out if
You’re diabetic still…!

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