Saturday, 11 July 2009

Eye Noon

One of the scary ‘complications’ of diabetes is retinopathy, which affects the sight and can lead to blindness. As I understand it, poor blood sugar control causes the tiny blood vessels in the eyes to become narrowed and rupture. The human body being the remarkable thing that it is, new vessels are then formed to ‘re-route’ the blood. Unfortunately, these can then affect an area of the eye called the macula, and it is this that can cause the blindness. If caught early enough, the condition can be treated with lasers, preventing further deterioration. For this reason, all diabetics in the UK should go at least annually for a retinopathy scan – I’ve got mine due in a couple of weeks. A special camera is used to photograph the retina, and this can then be compared to previous scans for any changes or progression of problems.

So, this poem is a bit weird, and a bit allegorical – hopefully it’s not too difficult to work out what it’s all about!

Now, Eyeball was a mean old town,
A perilous place to be!
An evil trio ruled the roost –
The Rhettin Hopper Three!

They ran the bar ‘The Sugar Vole’
And challenged any man
Who dared to drink their whisky sour
To see straight if he can.

Across the road was Inn Sue Lynn,
Whose business once was fine,
Run by a gal called Pam Creeyass,
Now sadly in decline.

The sheriff of that sorry place,
A man called Mack Yoolar,
Was powerless to uphold the law,
Despite his sheriff’s star.

And then one hot and dusty day,
A stranger came to town,
Confronted by the Hopper gang,
Who laid the challenge down!

‘Don’t listen!’, cried out Pam Creeyass,
‘Their drink affects your sight!
It’s cheap and nasty syrupy stuff
That turns the day to night!’

The sheriff stumbled across the road
And took the stranger’s arm.
‘I’ll lock you in the Beta Cells,
To keep your eyes from harm!’

The stranger shrugged the sheriff off
And drew aside his coat.
The crowd all gasped, they knew the score,
His chances were remote.

He walked into The Sugar Vole
And scrutinised the scene.
He saw the jars of whisky where
The soft drinks should have been…

Rhettin Hopper taunted him,
‘No stranger frightens me!
As long as we have whisky here,
This town will ne’er be free!’

The stranger drew his gun real fast,
And in a flash of light,
Each vessel stored behind the bar
Was blasted out of sight!

‘You’ve saved us all!’ cried Pam Creeyass,
‘And now that we are free,
There’ll be no future in this town
For the Rhettin Hopper Three!’

And so, the stranger married Pam,
And they became sheep farmers,
They reared some tiny Andean sheep,
Called micro-vascu llamas!

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