Monday, 13 July 2009

Five Point Six

Blood glucose meters are a pretty fundamental part of any diabetic’s kit these days. They allow us to test and hopefully confirm that our blood glucose levels are within a normal range, lowering the threat of complications from the condition. In most parts of the world, meters measure blood glucose in millimoles per litre and a non-diabetic person will stay within a range of around 4.0-7.0 mmol/l.

Thus, an ideal figure to encounter when testing your blood is somewhere in the middle of this range. Practically all the companies that manufacture meters appear to have agreed on a figure of 5.6 mmol/l, and proudly display this coveted figure in all their meter adverts – but I’ve been looking back through my diary and it’s seems this level is about as rare as chicken lips!

What a magical number is five point six!
What a heartwarming figure to see!
But elusive and mythical, impossible to fix,
A number you are unlikely to see…

For the meter will show just too high or too low,
Or may even show an extreme,
But to see five point six on my little box of tricks –
I’d be like the cat with the cream!

It’s a subliminal ruse that the companies use
To persuade us their meter’s ideal,
And help us to choose, and believe we can’t lose –
Just imagine how much better we’d feel!

But I won’t give up hope, and I think I can cope
If the figure I see’s five point seven…
For it’s just within scope of that slippery slope
To a number that’s blood glucose heaven!

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