Thursday, 30 July 2009

Great South Run – training diary, day 2

If you’ve been following my Stockholm Marathon story, you’ve probably built up an idea why I take my training very cautiously these days. Since my last run on Sunday my legs have been feeling quite sore – almost back at square one! I’ve waited until they feel OK again before continuing. This is usually the way after I’ve had a couple of weeks of laziness, I’m sure I’ll be able to fit in more runs each week before long.

It was a relatively cool morning today, although the Sun was shining and the skies were blue. As I set out through the park and along the river’s edge there was a strong breeze pushing against me. There’s no point in fighting the wind, so I just relaxed into it, picking up my pace only when a couple of young lady runners passed me going in the opposite direction – male pride, eh? There were quite a few people with dogs that I had to dodge around. Somehow the dogs and their owners seem to have severe vision defects and don’t notice you are there. Actually, what is worse is when someone clearly sees you and makes no effort to give you some space as you pass. This happened this morning as I was running up a small rise and approaching a cyclist coming towards me. I was at the side of the path and stuck to the edge, as it is generally difficult to predict what people will do, and if I make it clear I do not intend to deviate then they take their cue ad move to one side. This cyclist did not observe this courtesy and continued to ride straight towards me. The closer he got, the more confusing it was likely to be if I changed course, so I stuck with it – eventually it became like a game of ‘chicken’ and I had to step aside at the last moment or he would surely have hit me. As he passed I expanded his knowledge of Anglo-Saxon expletives and made a suggestion of where he might like to insert his head…

I decided to run a little farther upstream and was rewarded by the sight of a family of ducks waddling across and dipping off the path into the water. By now, the Sun was in my eyes, and I looked forward to the turning point so it would be at my back. On the whole, my breathing was fine, but my legs were once again beginning to tire, so it was somewhat of a relief to get back home – and made it just before a heavy shower soaked the land in an instant!

Now, have to get ready for Kate Bush, it’s her birthday today and she’s coming round for tea…

Thursday July 30th, 2009
Distance 3.11 miles
Time 30’ 20”
Calories 355
Blood glucose before N/A (forgot!)
Blood glucose after 8.1

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