Friday, 17 July 2009

The Podiatrist Who Tickled My Toes

Podiatry, or chiropody as it used to be called – not sure of the difference! – is an important aspect of diabetic care. The feet are particularly vulnerable to microvascular damage from elevated blood sugar levels, so it’s important to have them checked regularly by professionals. The treatment usually involves a variety of procedures: checking for visual signs of damage, checking the pulses to ensure a good blood supply, and checking for nerve damage by gently pricking the soles and toes to look for any lack of sensation.

My feet are very important to me, as a runner, so I make sure I never miss my appointments!

The podiatrist who tickled my toes
Didn’t do it because it was fun.
She did it because it was part of her job
To ensure that I keep every one!

The podiatrist who played with my feet
Didn’t do it to give me a thrill.
She did it to keep each appendage complete,
For I want to have TWO boots to fill!

The podiatrist who pressed on my foot
Didn’t do it to cause me alarm.
She did it to test that each pulse was correct,
In order to keep me from harm.

The podiatrist who said ‘Close your eyes’
Didn’t do it, whilst wielding a pin,
Intending to give me a birthday surprise,
But to say where the pin had gone in!

So I’m thankful to her for her skill,
And the attention she paid to my feet –
Let’s make it quite clear, for at least once a year,
The tickling of feet is a treat!

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