Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I felt the need to challenge myself, not to write some long, elaborate poem,
but one that would use the word sulphonylureas – it’s a type of drug used in the treatment mainly of Type 2 diabetes. A couple of other quick limericks sprang to mind whilst I was pondering it, but I managed it eventually! I’m still looking for a rhyme for thiazolidinediones though…!

A man went for retinal screening
Without really knowing its meaning,
'You'll have drops, then you'll wait
Till your pupils dilate,
Then we'll know if you need laser healing!'

There was a young man who was vexed at all
This talk about lowering cholesterol.
He packed animal fat in
And took simvastatin,
Now he has a fine level of HDL!

There once was a man who was furious
That he'd been prescribed sulphonylureas!
He took gliclazide,
Saw his blood sugar subside,
And concluded it wasn't injurious!

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