Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Three A.M. Club

Low blood sugar can occur at any time of day or night, but it can be the night-time ones that are the most troubling, as often the symptoms do not awaken a sleeping person so that the hypo can be treated. It can be especially worrying for parents of a diabetic child, as you might imagine. For this reason, it is often suggested that blood sugar levels should be tested during the night to ensure that levels are not dropping too low. Generally speaking, three in the morning is when levels are likely to be at their lowest, so this is the most appropriate time for testing – what fun! Imagine all those bleary-eyed adults and sleepy children being pinged with a finger-pricker just at the time when you’re all comfy and snug and dreaming your favourite dream – oh what fun to be a member of the Three a.m. club!

At dead of night when all are sleeping,
Shadows through the room come creeping,
Seeking blood from those who slumber,
Hoping for a perfect number.

What beasts are these, with hair so wild,
Who would disturb a sleeping child?
What brings them at this witching hour?
What misbegotten, ghostly power?

Some phantom from the nether lands
With sharpened lancets in their hands?
A ghoulish, half-lit apparition,
Intent on some demonic mission…

In other houses, adults sleep –
For them, their slumber is so deep
Alarms will wake them with a shock…
Synchronised at Three O’ Clock!

Three is not a time for resting!
Three’s the time for glucose testing!
Join us till we sleep again,
The club that meets at Three A.M….!

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