Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Great South Run – 67 days to go!

67 days sounds like no time at all the way I’m currently feeling on my runs! I thought I would follow up yesterday’s run with another today, and maybe take a rest day tomorrow. My legs felt a little stiff from yesterday’s efforts, but not at the point where I find it difficult to climb stairs, as is often the case when running after a relatively long abstention! My blood glucose was nicely in range before the start at 9.0 mmol/l at 1.5 hours after breakfast. I know that this should keep me high enough during the run to avoid hypos, and that takes a lot of the worry away. It’s sometimes difficult to discern on a run whether you are feeling bad from the effort or because of the blood glucose levels being too low or high, but I’ve built up a good record of experience to assure me that it’s just because I’m not fit enough if I feel bad!

It was pretty sunny this morning, so hotter and brighter than yesterday. There wasn’t even the whisper of a breeze, and as I ran alongside the river the water was flat calm, echoing the trees and boats in solid, unwavering reflections. An inquisitive spaniel rushed up to greet me, but quickly lost interest and turned to chase the ball tossed by its owner. I’m not really afraid of dogs, but you have to remain confident and ready because you can never tell if they might turn aggressive. It can be a little disconcerting to see a hulking great Rottweiler thundering towards you though, as occasionally happens, and then the adrenaline levels climb a little bit higher…!

No other runners in the park this morning, maybe a little too early for some of them, although it wasn’t that early. I used to start my runs at around 6 a.m. in the past, but have had to modify this because of having to eat and let food digest, and let the insulin I have injected to begin to ‘circulate’ – not a problem in my non-diabetic days, and something I am still getting used to.

I felt myself slowing as the run progressed, largely I think due to the hot Sun rather than my tired legs, and I was happy to turn back into my road and come to a heavy-breathing halt! The run was marginally slower than yesterday, but given the heat and the fact I ran yesterday, it wasn’t too bad. I’ll probably rest tomorrow as it’s supposed to be especially hot, and let my legs get used to their new routine…

Tuesday August 18th, 2009
2.82 miles
27’ 34”
Blood glucose before (1.5 hour)
Blood glucose after

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