Monday, 3 August 2009

Great South Run – training diary, day 3

A good morning for a run today. The weather was sunny, but not too bright with a good amount of cloud, and there was a light breeze as I ran alongside the water’s edge through the park. I’m feeling stronger already, and feel my pace has increased since the last run, although it does slow significantly the further I go.

I’ve extended the run slightly this morning, but was pleased to see that, on my return, I had run at a faster pace overall as well as increasing the distance. Still nowhere near where I want to be, but I’ve learned through painful experience that you shouldn’t rush these things!

As the river narrowed at the far end of my run, I encountered the swans with seven cygnets that I remember seeing the previous year. They had grown, as you might expect, not yet as big as their parents, and with a distinct grey tint to their juvenile feathers.

I was just about ready to collapse, I think, when I got back home. Thankfully, my recovery was swift, another sign of increasing fitness. I have also run one third of the distance of the Great South Run this morning, so that augers well for the weeks and months to come!

Monday August 3rd, 2009
Distance 3.41 miles
Time 32’ 06”
Calories 391
Blood glucose before (1.5 hour) 7.8
Blood glucose after 8.0

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