Sunday, 2 August 2009

Oh! How I’d love an Easter egg!

There are times of the year when you are reminded more than usual about the need to take care with certain foods. Christmas, birthdays and Easter are all associated from childhood with sweet treats, and it’s a habit that’s hard to break when diabetes intervenes. I am allowed sugar, chocolate, cakes and sweets, but in moderation – no more ‘pigging out’ and over indulging as this can have far more serious consequences long-term than simply an upset tummy. So, treats are allowed on special occasions! It is easier for a diabetic on insulin to give in to temptation, because we can inject extra to ‘cover’ the carbohydrates consumed, but this is something that shouldn’t be abused. Like anyone else, and possibly even more so, we can put on weight, and this can have an adverse effect on blood sugar control. Some people follow extreme ‘low-carb’ diets in order to reduce the doses of insulin they need with their meals. I would describe myself as ‘moderate-carb’ – I eat a balance of carbs, protein and fat, but none to excess.

Oh! How I’d love an Easter egg!
I’m trying to be good,
It would help if I was living
In an egg-free neighbourhood!

I see them stacked up in the shops
Row on row on row –
So tempting and alluring,
I could eat them in one go!

Why don’t they think of folks like me
And make them out of meat?
An egg made out of beef or spam
Would not be such a treat…

Or if they got some garden dirt
And made them out of mud,
That wouldn’t be appealing
For it wouldn’t taste as good!

Why can’t they use a slab of lard
And carve one out of fat?
Then it would be disgusting
And I wouldn’t fancy that!

A friend suggested, maybe
If they made one out of wood –
It’s low G.I. and fibre-rich,
And might do me some good!

No, an egg made out of chocolate
Is the only way to go,
So I’ll eat my egg in secret
And no-one will ever know.

I think we need to treat ourselves,
Not live in constant fear –
Just have some fun like everyone,
It’s only once a year!


  1. Ah I wasn't aware we had to comment in portuguese, small problem though I only know the word sepultura so my comments would be rather short,depressing and repetitive.

    Strange thing about chocolate is you get diabetic chocolate and I seen a diabetic easter egg this year, not sure if it was free range though and it didn't say what type of diabetes the chocolate chicken that laid the egg had. Must of been a big chicken though, I guess it could of been a duck or maybe even an ostrich, I'm not sure how diverse Thorntons are in their egg gathering.

  2. Haha! Excellent Dreicht! A friend said she was nearly hospitalised by a Thornton's diabetic egg - which is certainly material for another poem sometime in the future, and the idea that they come from diabetic chickens with enormous orifices is pure gold! Thank you!