Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Old dog, new trick!

When I first got out of hospital (in fact, even before!), I craved food of all sorts. This was partly due to the great weight loss that had occurred, and also partly due to the hunger that being on an insulin regime can bring. I discovered that if I injected sufficient insulin with my normal meals, I would start to drop low (my blood sugar levels would fall) after a couple of hours, which gave me a perfect excuse for a sweet snack – usually a biscuit of some variety! This was fine generally as I was in desperate need of increasing my weight, so weight gain was desirable, not a problem. This is known as ‘feeding the insulin’ – you have circulating insulin that you must ‘mop up’ with carbohydrate in order to avoid serious lows.

However, I have noticed that I no longer do this. I have gained greater understanding and control of my insulin requirements, so feel less of an urge to eat between meals. I still have ‘treats’, but usually as a dessert after a meal. If I do want a nibble between meals, I’ll go for some thing low in carbohydrate and low GI, like nuts. So, now I can have packets of biscuits that last long after their ‘sell by’ dates, which is a radical change to my pre-diagnosis habit of constantly snacking on them – the habits of a lifetime have altered in the space of a few months. I’m hoping that my teeth will last a lot longer too!

Jaffa cakes, bourbons, custard creams,
Digestives both chocolate and plain,
These I would graze on from morning till night,
And nothing but crumbs would remain…

But since diagnosis it’s becoming quite clear
That these once longed-for snacks don’t appeal,
An adaption of sorts to my once-hungry thoughts –
I’ll occasionally eat one with a meal.

So, a packet that once maybe lasted a day
Will now maybe last me a week,
And if there’s none left, then I won’t feel bereft,
For it’s healthier snacks that I seek!

So it shows, given time, that your habits can change,
And an old dog can learn a new trick,
It’s probably for the best I give biscuits a rest,
And not eat them till I feel sick!

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