Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Stressful Vista Ahead!

There was nearly no entry today. I have been battling against all the odds trying to set up a wireless home network so I can share my PC and laptop’s resources and internet connections. The laptop is pretty new, so comes with Windows Vista installed, and I’m not very familiar with it. True to form though, like all new manifestations of Windows systems that are supposed to make things easier, it just makes things harder than they ought to be. Stress is not good for the blood glucose levels of a person with diabetes. It causes the release of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol which stimulate the liver to release some of its glycogen stores and give the body and ‘energy boost’ – it’s the old ‘fight or flight’ response, and can be useful if you have a fully-functioning pancreas. However, if you’re not producing your own insulin, then the extra glucose gets into the bloodstream but cannot be used, so levels can increase above normal non-diabetic range. For this reason, it is also possible when exercising for levels to increase rather than decrease as you might expect when energy is being used.

Well, I got things working, more or less, eventually. But I was struck by the huge number of settings that needed changing, and the deeper you got the more obscure and meaningless they became. Those increasingly obscure options were backed up by even more meaningless and inappropriate error messages and stupid diagnostics that assured me that nothing was wrong when clearly it was! Grrr!!!

Vista’s no good for my levels,
So thank you so much Mr Gates!
Spare a thought for us with diabetes,
And the havoc your system creates!

It seems that I need a password
For a thousand and one different things –
Heaven forfend I forget one,
And fall foul of the misery that brings!

You send me from option to option
Until I am stressed and confused,
Then you pop up some mystical error
That leaves me perplexed and bemused!

Perhaps I will leave you till morning,
And forget that you even exist,
Then I’ll probably find it was all in my mind,
Just a tickbox that I must have missed!


  1. Oh god I hate windows vista, I'm so glad I have xp still on my computer.

  2. Dreich, the main thing I have learned about Windows OS over the years is that each new version makes you appreciate the previous one so much more!