Sunday, 9 August 2009

Treacle Pud!

When I was in hospital after being diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that very little in the way of food was actually forbidden. As soon as I began treatment with insulin my appetite returned with a vengeance! Over the previous two years as my diabetes had probably been developing, I had been losing weight at the rate of 1-2 pounds a month, finishing off with a further 17 pounds in the three days prior to my admission! So, I went from 11st 5lbs (159 pounds) to 8st 4lbs (116 pounds), a radical weight loss. Now that I was receiving adequate supplies of insulin, I wanted to eat, eat and eat! I had to fill out menu sheets for my three meals a day, and because it was a hospital each food choice was marked with a letter to say whether it was suitable for people with particular conditions – in my case ‘D’ for diabetes. There was virtually nothing that was excluded…except treacle pudding! Quite understandably, of course, since it contains sugar in one of its purest forms and likely to cause a big spike in blood glucose levels.

I don’t want to live out my life being denied this heavenly nectar, so I think I will set aside a Treacle Pud Day, maybe once a year, and treat myself…!

Diabetes can be so capricious,
In fact, I’d say even malicious!
So there’s no Treacle Pud,
Even though it’s so good,
And undoubtedly very nutritious!

Now my menus are poorer by far
Since omitting my syrupy star…
Diabetes is to blame,
Custard’s not quite the same
On onions plucked from a jar!

But perhaps once a year (at the least!)
I’ll indulge in a treacly feast!
It’ll be so delicious
And fulfil all my wishes –
So take that! You Blood Sugar Beast!

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