Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Diabetes Fairy

There has always been a lot of superstition connected to strange, unaccountable events, and diabetes is a condition that lends itself particularly well to this – our nemesis is the Diabetes Fairy! Not necessarily a malevolent force, but mischievous certainly, and always ready to throw some utterly unexpected and unexplainable blood sugar reading at you just when you think you’ve got everything worked out. You may have been eating the same food for breakfast for six months, with highly predictable consequences for your blood sugar, then suddenly one day you find you have shot up into the teens or twenties! Or conversely, you might have taken into account the carbohydrate content of your food, the time of day, the insulin taken, activity levels, the temperature, and all the other myriad factors that you have learned through long months of trial and error – but suddenly your blood sugar takes a downward dive towards zero that no amount of sugar, it seems, will raise! These, then, are the spells of the Diabetes Fairy. We don’t want to upset her, but she sometimes gets bored with our perfect control and plays a little trick for her amusement, and our bemusement…

There’s nothing so contrary as the Diabetes Fairy,
She’s as fickle as a cloud up in the sky.
You’d be warned to be quite wary, for her magic can be scary,
And you can’t escape, however hard you try!

There’s one special spell she’ll cast that makes your levels fall so fast
That no jelly baby feast can overcome,
When you think you’ve breathed your last, and your time on Earth is past,
Then she’ll spike you like a bear just bit your bum!

You may think she’ll pass you by if your food is low GI,
But she likes to cause confusion when she can.
Insidious and sly, with no earthly reason why,
She’ll confound the plans of diabetic Man!

You'll usually find she is courteous and kind,
But be careful when she spreads her magic dust –
It may catch you from behind and play ping pong with your mind,
Just at the point you think you’ve got it sussed!

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