Thursday, 17 September 2009

Great South Run – 37 days to go!

Just a brief update today! After Monday’s run, I thought it prudent to wait until I was feeling fully recovered before going out for another one. The last run wasn’t particularly long or strenuous, but it was the first one for a fortnight, and with my recent history and just over a month to go I don’t want any more mishaps!

This morning was bright and sunny, blue skies and a whisper of cool wind. As soon as I started the run I began to feel all sorts of little twinges, but tried to relax and let things gradually warm up. My impression was that my oxygen uptake has improved, as I wasn’t building up such an oxygen-debt on the first uphill part of the run, and I was able to breathe comfortably all the way round – no gasping for breath as would once have been the case. So, although I have missed some of my training, it thankfully does not seem to have affected my level of fitness. What is still apparent, however, is that I don’t have the same strength and endurance in my legs of former times, as they began to tire after about two miles. As I neared the end of the run I was also aware of a growing sensation of fatigue in my right calf where I had suffered the injury a couple of weeks ago, so I took things nice and gently as I approached home.

It was a beautiful morning, but the Sun is now getting that much lower in the sky and at points shining directly into my eyes. One of these days I’ll remember to wear a hat to shield my eyes! On the whole, a good run. My pace has increased slightly, which is good as it was not noticeable to me - I did not perceive that I was working harder. I do need to maintain a steady build-up, though, and not be tempted to do too much too quickly!

Thursday September17th, 2009
2.86 miles
27’ 38”
Blood glucose before (1.5 hour)
Blood glucose after

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