Thursday, 24 September 2009

My Diabetic Auntie

I think for children with diabetes it’s very important that they learn from the beginning that it isn’t something that should hold them back in life and stop them from doing all the things their non-diabetic friends enjoy. There are many examples of great international sportsmen and women, and people in other walks of life that have reached the top despite the condition. But just as important, I think, are the ‘ordinary’ people – who may not have fame and fortune, except within their own social circles – but who demonstrate on a daily basis that they have fun, active and fulfilling lives. It may be that many people with diabetes actually have better lives than their non-diabetic friends. Being more conscious of a need to live and eat healthily means it is less likely they will drift into unhealthy habits that may come back to haunt them in later years.

So, this poem is a tribute to Lou, who is a wonderful person with a terrific sense of humour, and who I think has a positive attitude to making the best of things that kids would love.

Today we’re off to visit Diabetic Auntie Lou,
She’s such a lovely person, and I think you’ll think so too!
She says that diabetes shouldn’t stop you having fun,
When we’re with her we dance and sing and jump and swim and run!

She wears a pump called Veo, and I want one as well,
‘Coz when she has her insulin, then you can hardly tell!
It works out just how much she needs for every meal she eats,
And that includes for chocolate pud, and loads of other treats!

She has a special wizard friend that hides inside her pump –
He must be very tiny ‘coz you cannot see a lump!
She has some things called basals set that change throughout the day,
And even though there’s tubes and stuff, they don’t get in her way!

It made us laugh when Auntie Lou once made a pooping noise,
The pump alarm began to sound – she almost lost her poise!
She said it was the bubbles in the insulin reservoir…
That didn’t explain the eggy pong that filled up Auntie’s car!

But we all love our Auntie because I think you’ll find
You’ll never find an Auntie that’s so caring and so kind!
I hope that you have Aunties too, or maybe it’s your Mum,
That love you and that care for you – a super Sugarbum!

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