Saturday, 3 October 2009


There’s an enormous amount of detritus that accompanies diabetes care: needles, test strips, insulin cartridges etc., plus all those pills that the doctors assure us are necessary to stop our arteries clogging up and keep our blood pressure the right side of critical. As someone who used to possibly take 4 paracetamols a year prior to diagnosis, it’s still quite astonishing to me just how much stuff I now discard on a daily basis.

Someone on the forum brought my attention to Diabotics – it’s the art of sculpting objects using only the items left over from daily diabetes care. Sounded like a great idea to me, so I set about storing away all those odds and ends until I felt ready to attempt my master work, resulting in the stunning and awe-inspiring diabotic – Diababooshka! OK, maybe not up to Damien Hirst’s standards, but it was a lot of fun!



  1. That's quite scary looking, looks like a new simpsons character.

  2. Yes, didn't quite work out like the Kate Bush equivalent I had envisaged!