Sunday, 1 November 2009

Autumn leaves

Rather than let things slide, I’m trying to get straight back into running again after the GSR last weekend. It’s an important time to keep up with the training, as the approaching winter months can be a significant sapper of motivation – hard to get out of the door when it’s cold, windy, wet and dark.

Yesterday promised to be a really lovely day according to the forecasts, and so it proved with the last glorious day of our recent Indian summer. A bright morning, but not sunny, with a whisper of a breeze and a very pleasant coolness to the air without being cold – ideal running weather. I had intended to run about 3.5 miles, out to the further reach of the park and back, but made no hard and fast rule – I would lengthen or curtail the route according to how I felt, having none of the pressure of the previous weekend’s race.

The river running out was flat and calm as a millpond, rippled and ruffled only by the flapping of ducks flocking towards the bank as tiny children cast in pieces of bread, laughing and giggling at the frenzy their actions provoked. Some errant dogs weaved and wandered across the path as I ran, but more interested in the smells and sounds hidden from human senses than in me.
As I ran out a splash of colour in the distance attracted my attention – bright red and tawny brown mixed in amongst the green grass an blue light-reflected water. Approaching ever closer, I saw a row of maples in their full autumn glory, which quite took my breath away, putting a spring in my step and revitalising my flagging spirits. I knew that, tomorrow, these beauties would most likely have shed their coats of colour, blown across a broad swathe by the promised high winds and heavy rain of the following day, so I resolved to return later in the day with my camera so that the memory could be, to some degree at least, preserved in portrait.
Such a sight spurred me on to greater efforts, and although the sight was unmatched for the remainder of the run, the beauty persisted.

Saturday October 31st, 2009
4.6 miles
46’ 15”
Blood glucose before (1.5 hour)
Blood glucose after

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