Friday, 27 November 2009

Beware the hot water bottle!

I was quite surprised to learn after I had been diagnosed with diabetes that I should now avoid a number of seemingly harmless things, like hot water bottles, foot spas and socks with seams. The problem with these things is that, even with only mild neuropathy, your feet may not be able to detect whether they are being damaged either by heat or by a blister caused by a seam in the sock. Should a wound pass unnoticed and become infected, this could well be the first stage of problems that may, in the worst cases, lad to ulceration and possibly gangrene. Scary stuff indeed! Although I don’t have any neuropathy as far as I’m aware, having had my feet thoroughly checked over by a podiatrist, I have to check my feet each day so that I can be sure of catching any potential problem before it can go too far. Just another little reminder each day that I have diabetes, as if I’m ever likely to forget!

Beware the hot water bottle
That you use to warm up your toes!
For your nerves may not let you know it’s too hot,
And it might just be best if they froze!

Beware the humble foot spa
For it has hidden dangers you see!
You might boil your feet in the excessive heat,
So learn to live life foot spa free!

Beware of the socks that have seams!
They may rub your feet the wrong way,
If a blister’s neglected then it may get infected,
So go seamless with socks I would say!

These things that may once have seemed harmless,
Are things that you now must reject.
Look after your feet and protect them from heat,
And treat them with utmost respect!

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