Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Beware the Iron Gym!

The only sport I do is running. I did use to combine a run with some gym work, but the gym was far too expensive for the number of visits I was making, so I decided to cancel my membership. So, I had to find an alternative way of building up some upper body strength. It’s important in distance running to be reasonably strong in the upper body, as you do have to carry your arms along too, and they can become very tired if not exercised also. Building muscle mass is also helpful to diabetes, as it is more sensitive to insulin than fat and thus will burn glucose more easily.

I’ve had a variety of home gym contraptions over the years, but the latest one that caught my eye was the Iron Gym. It’s a well-engineered piece of kit that can be fitted (and removed) almost instantly to any doorframe, and allows pull-ups to be done using a variety of arm positions. The chap on the advert certainly looked very convincing, so I decided to take the plunge so I could get a body like his!

Good grief! It is much harder than it looks to pull up your entire body weight, especially if, like me, that weight has been steadily increasing over the past year! The first time I tried, I think I managed two chin-ups. But I worked at it and managed to build up to about eight – still not startling, but progress nonetheless! Then, my enthusiasm got the better of me and I felt something ‘go’ in my abdominal muscles, just below my right ribcage. It didn’t feel too bad at the time, but as the days went on the pain and discomfort got worse. It has started to ease now, but this is about three weeks later, so I’ve now returned to my flabby old self!

I was promised some phenomenal
Biceps, triceps and abdominals,
Of the kind that would put Superman to shame!
But it’s not gone quite to plan,
For I’m not a ‘six-pack’ man –
And the Iron Gym’s the thing I have to blame!

Should have taken things more steady,
Realised I wasn’t ready,
But impatience for results just drove me on.
As I dangled in the air
I felt a tummy muscle tear,
Now my hopes of toned-up strength have all but gone!

I would go to any length
For some upper body strength,
But the Iron Gym was just a step too far!
So now I’ll have to rest
Till I’m healed and at my best,
To become a washboard-stomached superstar!

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  1. I do Shovelglove - the "Sledgehammer Workout"(!!) to work out from time to time. It's quite fun and the only costs are that of a sledgehammer - which you can also use for knocking things down if you give up the exercise regime.

    I wrote about it here: