Monday, 23 November 2009

Diabetic Osmosis!

Something a little strange occured during the London Meet. My blood sugar levels are normally very good, and practically always within range, but on Saturday they were almost invariably high – sometimes even double what I might have normally expected! My only conclusion is that, like fertile women who live together and whose cycles become attuned, my blood sugar levels were equalising with the other diabetics sat around me. The closer they were, the greater the effect. On one occasion when I checked I was 13.9 mmol/l – almost unheard of for me! – the two people sat at either side of me had levels of 20 mmol/l and 26 mmol/l, also higher than they expected. Gradually, as I travelled home my levels began to fall back to more normal levels, and had fully settled in range before bed after I had been alone for a few hours!

Beware the Dark Side, should you meet
With diabetics on the street,
For there’s something, although it’s rare,
Of which you may not be aware!

When diabetics form a group,
Like poultry in a chicken coop,
The sugar in their blood may rise,
So please be warned and worldly-wise!

Should one Type 1 with good control
Be subject to more millimoles,
It seems there’s only one prognosis –
Proximity Diabetic Osmosis!

The sugar seeps from every pore –
Some may get less, some may get more,
But in this diabetic bubble
Meter readings often double!

This all-pervading, unseen force
Will start to fade with time of course,
It’s temporary, so please don’t fear
If diabetics stand too near!

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