Monday, 16 November 2009

Don’t wire up any plugs today…

Some complete and utter nonsense today!

At the end of the day
As the horses ate hay
And she put out her sandals for work
Came a voice soft and low
‘Twas a voice you may know
From the place where the Tooth fairies lurk.

Sleep softly, she said
On your fine blow-up bed
That inflatable throne of the night!
And dream of the things
That the morning might bring
As the darkness makes way for the light.

So she slept and she dreamed
And she dreamt that it seemed
That a ritual must be performed
At the dawn’s early light,
When all blurry of sight
With a beverage, her bed be adorned…

And on rising she knew
That the first cup of brew
Was not destined to moisten her lips
But should soar in the air
And descend on her lair
With a shriek and a swish of her hips!

‘Be not worried, my dear’
Said the man from IKEA
For the sheets that are now soaked in char –
For delivery is due
Of a bed that is new
And you’ll sleep like a Hollywood star!

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