Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Fancy a Ruby, me old China Plate?

I like a good curry, the hotter the better – Chicken Vindaloo is a favourite of mine. Best served with basmati rice which has a relatively low glycaemic index (GI) than other types of rice, but only allowing myself a small portion of naan bread as that does tend to give me a high blood sugar spike. No reason I shouldn’t enjoy a beer with the meal! Alcohol has a sort of topsy-turvy relationship with blood sugar, sending it higher with the extra carbohydrate, but then lower as the liver turns to processing the alcohol rather than releasing glucose. Brandy would have the same effect, although some people find their control is better with spirits than beer.

Estimating the carbs in a plateful of curry can be difficult though, especially if served in a restaurant. As well as an indeterminate quantity of rice, there will also be sugars in the sauce. Generally though, the calculations for my insulin doses are reasonably good, and I always remember to include an extra amount for the sweet treat I indulge in after the savoury meal. Eating sweet things with the meal will help to lower the overall glycaemic load, so the cake or pudding can be eaten with less fear of a sugar spike – another good reason for eating curry!

I’m really looking forward to a nice Ruby Murray,
But I must do a Banting and Best,
For before you indulge in a hot spicy curry,
You must do a blood sugar test!

I’ll work out the size of my grandfather’s nose,
Before a peck of my old speckled hen,
For you must be precise with your insulin dose
When you inject with your insulin pen!

You can choose to be pecked in your Old Auntie Nellie,
Or perhaps in your Old Fife and Drum!
But in public it’s best to inject in your belly,
As your bum may be too much for some!

Would you Adam and Eve that a nice Britney Spears,
Or even a stiff Fine and Dandy,
Can be supped with your meal? (That’s a bottle of beer,
Or a generous helping of brandy!)

You might want to finish your Lilley and Skinner
With a treat like a big Sexton Blake –
With the lowered GI from the rest of your dinner,
There’s no reason you shouldn’t have cake!

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  1. Yey! I do love my curry, I must admit. The boy cooks a mean thai curry as well :D