Saturday, 7 November 2009

Given the choice...

Diabetes is one of those hidden conditions, at least so long as the potential complications are held at bay. People wouldn’t know you had it most of the time, unless maybe they were to see you testing your blood or injecting insulin. I’m quite fit and healthy overall, so sometimes it’s hard to believe that there’s anything wrong with me at all. But, several times a day I am reminded about it, when I have to test, plan a meal, decide what I can and can’t eat, calculate insulin doses, plan exercise, evenings out, days away – the list goes on. It’s a chronic condition and you cannot escape from it. Ignoring it will most likely result in feeling very bad and even possibly becoming very ill.

There’s nothing to stop me having all the things mentioned in today’s poem, except that it would be an absolute nightmare trying to keep my blood sugar levels anywhere near to normal range, so I wouldn’t enjoy it. I’ve been trying to pluck up courage to eat a pizza that I’ve had in my freezer for a month now, but every time I take the packet out and read the ingredients list, I’m put off – 150 grams of carbohydrate and 45 grams of fat. It just doesn’t seem worth it. My habits have changed quite a lot over the past year and I feel that maybe I’ve become a little obsessed with keeping my insulin doses as small as possible. I think, subconsciously, I think that the lower the doses go, the less diabetic I am, which is nonsense of course. So I just have to get on with it, like millions of others, until the Cure arrives!

No diabetes – let’s see what that means,
A big slab of butter, some bread and some beans,
A huge stuffed crust pizza – pepperoni and cheese,
Sausages and burgers, as much as you please,
Chocolate cake, biscuits, and puddings galore,
A whole box of jaffa cakes – perhaps even more!
Pineapple fritters fried deep in a pan,
With a mountain of chips, all part of the plan!
A gallon of fruit juice, or as much as you like,
Without any danger of a blood sugar spike!
I’m not saying I’d eat all these things if I could,
But a choice in the matter? Now that would be good!

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