Sunday, 8 November 2009

Injection Hokey Cokey

I’ve recently changed from using the top of my hips as my injection site to using my tummy. The area on my hips where I was injecting had started to become a little sore, although I did use alternate sides to allow some healing to take place between jabs. It’s very important to rotate your injection sites as injecting too often in one place can lead to the formation of fatty lumps, which may then cause the insulin to be absorbed at unpredictable rates – you may get virtually nothing being absorbed into the bloodstream, and then suddenly get a ‘surge’ which might then present a danger of hypoglycaemia.

You also need to bear in mind that different sites have different absorption rates, so this might be something you need to take into consideration when injecting. Particularly fast will be a limb that is in heavy use, such as the thigh of someone going for a run, so again this must be borne in mind when choosing where to inject. The needles are tiny and rarely hurt, but doing it over 1500 times a year will gradually take its toll, so keep rotating those sites!

You can stick it in your tummy,
You can stick it in your thigh,
But don’t always use the same old place,
And here’s the reason why:
Too often in a single site
Could cause some lumps to form,
Absorption then could be quite poor,
Erratically performed.

Different sites for different tasks,
Please also bear in mind,
Absorption rates will vary
From place to place you’ll find.
The tummy is the quickest,
A plump behind is slow,
And fastest is a limb in use
As runners ought to know.

It’s yet another element
We have to factor in
To calculate four times a day,
Our dose of insulin!

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