Sunday, 22 November 2009


As reported in yesterday’s blog post, I went to London yesterday. Astonishingly, the return rail fare was £2 plus 50p booking fee! When I booked it, I couldn’t believe it, and as I said to Katie at Southampton Central, I won’t really believe it until I get back! Well, I’m back and I’m still finding it hard to believe. I booked well in advance, which is important to get the lowest fare. The guard simply checked the reference number I had printed out, let me through the barrier and off we went. The train arrived on time, and contrary to what I was expecting, there weren’t hordes of people fighting to get on – just five other passengers – so we got a seat quite easily. Moreover, we weren’t assigned to a particular carriage – I’d envisaged maybe some kind of rail container vehicle with soiled straw on the floor and no windows, but it was just an ordinary carriage.

As the train departed, the guard informed us that, should we so wish, we could upgrade to First Class for an extra £5. This would be £6 paid for a journey that, if booked on the day, would have cost £58.20. As the train began to fill up, the value became even better, as the guard announced that he was opening First Class to all passengers at no extra cost, so that would have meant a £55.20 journey for £1! We didn’t bother, as by the time we had reached the FC carriage, all seats were likely to have been taken, but this doesn’t detract from the amazing price.

The journey was smooth and comfortable and arrived in London Waterloo on time. Our return journey was equally trouble free, although we had cut it a bit fine and made the train with only a couple of minutes to spare – I hadn’t taken account of Katie’s desire to hug everyone before she left the pub when calculating when we would have to leave!

I will certainly travel on this again. It’s almost worth booking a journey even if you’re unsure whether you can make it, as £2.50 is hardly going to break the bank if it turns out you can’t go. And we got to spend seven hours in London for the price of a pint of JD Wetherspoons beer!

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  1. Colour me jealous!

    I can't get to the city for anything less than 15 pints at a Wetherspoons!

    Hope you had a good day.