Friday, 6 November 2009

Nearly cured!

Back in April, with the warm spring weather revitalising me after a particularly cold and harsh winter, my insulin requirements had suddenly started decreasing at an alarming rate. Each night I would reduce my dose of Lantus, but each morning I was waking to blodd sugar levels bordering on hypoglycaemia. My daily novorapid doses with my meals were also decreasing, although not at quite the same rate. Eventually, I seemed to settle on a dose of 8 units of Lantus which allowed me to both go to bed and wake within range, without additional snacking.

I’d been expecting, now that the colder weather and darker days have arrived, that I might experience a seasonal increase in my insulin requirements to match the decrease I’d had earlier. Not so. My requirements have started declining again, now to six units of Lantus. I can only surmise that I have recovered some residual beta cell function and am producing a low level of ‘home grown’ insulin to supplement my injected doses. Certainly, when I read of others’ experiences, I seem to have far fewer problems with keeping my levels within range, and certainly never experience the frighteningly high levels that some people get.

I don’t really think I am on the way to being cured, but it’s a nice thought to have! It is more likely a cure will come from the good work of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Since diagnosis there’s been the allure
Of a highly unlikely spontaneous cure!
For my insulin doses have shown such a fall
That maybe one day I won’t need them at all!

I started on twenty of Lantus as ‘slow’
But in April discovered that this sent me too low,
So I started decreasing it, two units a night,
But still a month later it just wasn’t right!

Now I’ve reduced it by seventy percent
It does make me wonder where the rest of it went!
From twenty units to six, and should I need fewer,
Then surely that constitutes a virtual cure!

Perhaps it’s my pancreas that’s been resurrected,
With beautiful beta cells no longer neglected,
Pouring forth insulin, potent and pure,
I’ll take that for now! It’s nearly a cure!

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