Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Pincushion Percy

If there was one little thing that someone could invent that would make diabetes easier to manage, it would be a method of measuring blood glucose levels accurately without having to use blood from a finger prick. There are many different lancets available to perform this task – most claim to be ‘painless’, or more realistically perhaps ‘virtually pain-free’, but I’ve yet to find one that truly is in practice. Some lancets have variable depth settings, however I find that if I have the lancet on a low setting then it might not hurt, but neither does it produce sufficient blood for a test to be performed successfully. There’s nothing worse than pricking your finger fruitlessly, and possibly wasting a test strip into the bargain. Sometimes I may have to prick my fingers three or four times before I can squeeze out enough blood, and it reaches a point where I no longer bother about the pain, but turn the lancet up and stick it hard and deep into my finger just so the anguish will end! Of course, it always seems to happen when I am feeling hypo and the test is that much more urgent!

Sadly, there are people who object to us performing these tests in public, along with injections if we also need to do them, calling it ‘unhygienic’ and ‘disgusting’. Such people think that we should go to the toilets to do it – thus ignoring OUR need for hygiene! We don’t do this because we want to, it isn’t fun or pleasurable, so if you don’t like to see it please look away and think yourself lucky that you don’t have to do it as well. Who knows? One day you might have to.

Pincushion Percy’s the talk of the town,
He’s quite a remarkable fellow!
For he pierces his fingers eight times every day,
You could hardly describe him as yellow!

You might think that Percy’s a mad masochist,
And has chosen a strange way to live,
For who’d give their digits such awful abuse?
His fingers have more holes than a sieve!

But it isn’t by choice that he pricks himself so,
Diabetes is the cause of his woes…
It’s as common to him to draw droplets of blood
As an aardvark eats ants with its nose!

So please spare a thought should you see Percy out
At a restaurant, perhaps, in the town,
And don’t be judgemental, and don’t pull a face,
For a smile is worth ten times a frown!

It may come to pass that one day you might find
That it’s something you have to do too,
And then you’ll be glad that you didn’t get mad
And make Percy prick in the loo!

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