Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Dear Santa...

Christmas is notoriously a time for over-indulgence, eating and drinking with abandon and not really worrying too much about the consequences of this once-a-year celebration, as it can all be remedied by the New Year Resolutions that are just around the corner. Last year, however, was my first with diabetes, and for the first time I had to consider carefully what I was going to eat and drink – how much I could safely handle without making myself REALLY ill, and not just a bad stomach ache and sore head the following day.

As I’m on insulin I can, in theory, just calculate the carbohydrate content of my food and drink and dose myself accordingly. However, I’d also have to consider timing of injections, so I wasn’t peaking or dropping low, and I’d also have to consider whether I really wanted to inject the amount of insulin I might need for a day of extreme over-indulgence! It’s at times like this that you really start to realise what a great asset your pancreas was – and no doubt (as in my case), completely unappreciated! So here’s my plea to Santa, for a new, fully working pancreas. Even if it only works for a day, like many Christmas gifts, it would allow me one day free of the shackles of diabetes – and that would certainly be a day to celebrate!

Dear Santa, I’m hoping that you read this list,
For I’m asking for something that lately I’ve missed,
It’s a thing called a pancreas, now I know what it’s for,
It’s something that I’d never thought of before!

I’ve got one that’s broken, and whoever would know
It was my dearest possession, and I do miss it so!
If you brought me a new one, with all working parts,
Then I could eat jellies and trifles and tarts!

I’d have roast potatoes, and parsnips as well,
But I’d lay off the sprouts (because of the smell!)
And after my turkey and cranberry sauce,
Why, then there’s the pudding – with custard of course!

And all through the day I could fill up on treats,
Like mince pies and chocolate and fruit cake and sweets!
With a lovely new pancreas I could drink lots of beer,
Till I couldn’t walk straight, but with no hypo fear!

I know that a pancreas might be hard to find,
And if you can’t get one, I won’t really mind,
Instead, leave some insulin, for my stocks might run low –
A gallon of fast-acting, and a pint of the slow!