Sunday, 31 January 2010

1000 miles, 1000k - January Progress

Well, it was an ambitious task I set myself, to complete 1000 miles and 1000 kilometres before 2010 is through, and although I have made a start I am way behind schedule already! I should have been able to foresee that January is not the best month to commence such a project. The kilometres are fine, as they are done indoors on my exercise bike, but unfortunately I have made no impact whatsoever on the running. I have a plethora of excuses, the principal one being the lack of clement weather. Cold, icy, wet, windy for much of the month. At one time, in my younger years, I would not have shrunk from the challenge. I used to go running in the Peak District in shorts and t-shirt, through all manner of terrible conditions. Once you get going you heat up very quickly, so it’s not as bad or masochistic as it looks. These days however, I don’t have the motivation, nor do I want to risk life and limb on slippery park paths.

So, the mileage portion of the challenge has reduced by…2 miles! In theory, I need to do just over 83 miles each and every month to achieve the target, so I am now 81 miles behind. The kilometres have gone slightly better – a lot better, actually, since I have almost achieved my monthly target there. I have completed 76k out of the required 83. Of course, a kilometre is only six tenths of a mile, so it is an easier taks all round. But it is so BORING!!! I expended a total of 2730 calories whilst doing this.

Next month is shorter by three days, so my task is particularly hard. I need to get my ass into gear and go for it!


  1. This is fantastic and inspiring. I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago and started a blog about my 'journey.'
    Look forward to your next post!

  2. Northe, you're already doing better than me in the exercise stakes!

    Having said that though, I'm going to need to get in training for Rat Race as it gets further into the year (if I want to finish the damn thing with any sense of respect/dignity!)