Friday, 8 January 2010

My Glorious Graph!

Despite the excesses of the festive season, I was very pleased when I uploaded my blood glucose meter readings to my computer and brought up the graph for the past month. In 150 tests, I have stayed within my target range of 4-7 mmol/l (millimoles per litre) for 70% of the time. I’ve had a few lows – down as low as 2.2 on one occasion – but nothing I couldn’t handle. A lot of the higher readings are, in effect, ‘false’ readings, as they were taken before and after exercise when I would hope for a slightly raised level before embarking on activity. The main thing is that I have been successfully matching my insulin to my food intake.

In the past month, I have had only two readings in double figures – one of 10 exactly, and one of 10.7. The latter was taken after a lunchtime drink and would therefore have been influenced by the alcohol which can ‘spike’ you fast, then drop you low. I’m very lucky, I think. I know of many people who get highs of 15, even 20 and above, on a daily basis no matter how hard they try. The body doesn’t like these highs – a non-diabetic person would rarely show a level outside of the tight 3.5-6.5 mmol/l range, due to the exquisite fine-tuning of their endocrine systems. For a diabetic it’s a constant battle and a perennial worry, but thankfully I seem to be doing OK – long may it continue!

Now this may sound peculiar, and it may make you laugh,
But just take a look at my glorious graph!
It shows my blood glucose over the previous four weeks,
And there’s hardly a difference between the troughs and the peaks!

The band that’s in yellow would be perfect control –
The desirable range, four to seven millimoles.
A fully-working pancreas would achieve this with ease,
For a non-diabetic it is really a breeze!

But if you’re like me and your pancreas broke,
Your graph will look different to the non-diabetic folk,
And you might expect high points of fifteen or more,,
Or lows below two that drop right through the floor.

Ah! But this graph is glorious, and I’ll tell you for why,
For if you look closely, it will soon strike your eye.
See if you can point out the only time when
My levels exceeded a value of ten!

So I ‘m happy to look at this graph, on the whole,
For although it’s not perfect I’m achieving my goal,
And it justifies consumption of a few pints of beer –
Let’s hope it remains so for the rest of the year!

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  1. Flat as a pancake! Great stuff - well done!