Tuesday, 5 January 2010

When is a stomach bug not a stomach bug?

When it’s diabetic ketoacidosis of course! I was just browsing through my old emails when I came across this one that I sent out to my friends who had been asking after me. Interesting for me to read this from the perspective of 18 months experience of dealing with diabetes, so I thought I would include it in my blog:

When is a stomach bug not a stomach bug?

When it’s diabetic ketoacidosis of course! After losing 17 pounds in just over two days, I thought it prudent to seek the help of healthcare professionals, and a jolly good job I did too as I discovered that you don’t just ‘get better’ from this condition as it’s potentially more lethal than a stella/Stolichnaya cocktail with krepkaya chaser. Boy, I’ve never felt so ill! The good news was that I had my appetite back within 24 hours and regained the weight I’d lost (through ‘gross dehydration’) within 3 days. The bad news was that I had a heart attack and found out that I’m Type 1 diabetic and will be ‘shooting up’ for the rest of my life or until they find a cure…

There is more good news though. I had an angiogram after the heart attack (which was not dramatic at all – very minor, and I didn’t know I’d had it!), and this showed that I have a very healthy heart and am positively encouraged to continue with my running. Plus, thanks to the diabetes, I’ll have to make sure I have a very healthy diet from now on if I’m to avoid the possible complications, but that’s no bad thing. I’ve been surprised to learn that I can eat anything a non-diabetic can eat – no special requirements, just low-fat, low-sugar etc. – what you should all be eating!

It seems like I was in there for months, with so many tests and procedures etc. I literally lost count on the number of attempted piercings I received. But I’m happy to say that I was quite overwhelmed by the superlative quality of care I got from every level – doctors, nurses, the ladies who make the tea – they were all absolutely brilliant and it’s quite humbling to see how hard they work, in 12 hour shifts, for considerably less than ooh, I don’t know – people in the financial services sector?

Anyway, I’m back home now and trying to get used to the scary machines I have to use! Thanks to everyone for their good wishes. In truth, I probably haven’t felt this healthy for months!
Think I might have to give the Beer Festival a miss this weekend though…

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