Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Facing up to the Double-D’s

It would be a pleasant prospect if indeed the double-Ds in question were those adorning the chest of some amply-bosomed lingerie model, but sadly, no such luck. Diabetes and depression often go hand in hand, as with many other chronic conditions from which there is ‘no escape’. Add to that the cold, dark, dreary days of winter with a bit of extra-befuddled brain chemistry, and the result can be true misery where the world closes rapidly in on the tiny speck of light still penetrating your personal pit of doom. I’m sure there’s a joke in there about a ‘cup only being half full – a double-B, perhaps (not sure how these things are calculated). Double-B – perhaps bipolar and blood glucose?

Well, it happens to me from time to time (not the lingerie model experience), and it happened this past week, but I feel I am coming out of the other side. It happens most years, and each winter I keep promising myself a light box or something, but procrastination always leads to it not being worthwhile since Spring is rapidly approaching. Winter – hideous, hateful season. Spring – all things bright and beautiful!


  1. You finally got to post a picture of a big-busted lady :D

  2. Mmmmm! Kelly Brook! Cheered me up anyway!

  3. She's alright, isn't she?!

    Glad you're posting Northerner. I'm sorry you go through this.

    REALLY not fair.