Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Darling Diabetes

It can take a while for it to sink in that diabetes is with you for life. When I was first diagnosed and was in hospital for a week it didn’t even dawn on me that I would have to inject myself with insulin when I left. It’s only in those first few weeks and months that the full import starts to hit home, as you realise the complexities involved, the compromises to be made, and the constant, underlying presence of something that impinges on your every waking – and sleeping – hour of existence. The brain needs blood glucose. The body needs blood glucose. But as Goldilocks would appreciate, neither too little nor too much. My good old pancreas used to sort all that out for me, with never a word of thanks or even a casual nod of appreciation, but now I have to do it myself, Most of the time it appears as though I’m doing quite well at it, but I’m under no illusion that, after eating, my levels are peaking higher than if I didn’t have diabetes. Between meals, my levels can also drop lower, causing my brain distress (and who can blame it?).

But, I’m not really the type of person to deny it’s there. Until a cure is found, I guess we’re saddled with each other…

My darling diabetes, don’t you dare deceive me dear!
When first we met you promised me you’d leave within a year.
But now I fear you’re clinging on, and may refuse to go,
And if you should, then that’s not good, and would distress me so!

You promised me that, from the start, we’d be the best of friends,
We’d share each day, at work and play, until the friendship ends.
And when I asked you when you thought that day may one day be,
You said next year, on Valentine’s – you did! You promised me!

So now, be gone! Get out of here! You’re far too hard to please!
You said that you would fit right in, we’d both get on with ease!
But I have had to think of you and always put you first,
How can you be best friends with me, when you are quite the worst?

I’ve shut the doors and changed the locks, the music’s turned up loud,
And I won’t hear you if you knock, so please don’t come around.
My goodness, it feels wonderful now you have finally gone!
Oh! I dreamt it? Ah well…I guess that life goes on…

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