Monday, 15 March 2010

Banned from Eating Yoghurt!

Someone on the diabetes support forum wrote of her encounter with a lady in the street with a clipboard asking passers-by to sample yoghurt. However, on learning that she was diabetic, the lady responded that she wasn’t allowed to let her try it! Bizarre, but I think if we take a peek inside the Market Research Seminar that Clipboard-Lady attended, we will discover the reason why…

Welcome everybody, to our M.R. seminar,
We hope you’ll learn essential stuff to make your work go far!
Your work has hidden dangers, though you may not be aware,
So please proceed with caution, and always take good care.

The main thing you should learn here – and this may save your life! –
Is don’t approach a bloodied man who’s carrying a knife!
But nearly as important, and this may cause surprise,
Never offer diabetics your yoghurt, buns or pies!

They may seem meek and gentle, and smile and say hello,
But offer them some yoghurt and very soon you’ll know
They change from being human, they growl and snarl and spit!
Something must slake their bloodlust – you’re standing near – you’re it!

Don’t think you can outrun them, you’ll find no place to hide,
For once they’ve tasted yoghurt they’ll hunt you far and wide!
Their eyes go wild and crazy, they thrash and scream and shout!
So keep your yoghurt hidden when diabetics are about!

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