Friday, 19 March 2010

I blame YOU diabetes!

It’s funny, before I was diagnosed with diabetes I suffered all manner of aches and pains, coughs, sniffles, sleepless nights and morning lethargy. I thought nothing of them, on the whole, and just went about my business. Before long, things were fine again, and I never really gave it a second thought. However, now that I have been diagnosed I attribute all and any ailments firstly to the diabetes! Is my skin dry? Diabetes! Is my foot sore? Diabetes! Did I feel a little under the weather after a heavy drinking session last night? Diabetes!

It’s not just me, of course. The medical profession, once they are aware you have diabetes, will not be swayed from the conviction that the cause of any minor ailment must undoubtedly be due to the diabetes! What’s this? You ran ten miles and now your feet are sore? Diabetes! Of course, diabetes isn’t the cause of all the little twinges and gripes, it’s just that it’s the first thing that springs to mind, what with all the complications that can be associated with it. It’s quite difficult, given all the terrible things that could happen, and that prey on your mind, to look first for some other possibility, but I’m trying to show respect without getting obsessed!

It’s your fault diabetes,
My toes all tingle so!
My calves get cramp and tighten up,
Please pack it in, and go!

It’s not because I’ve been running,
Or walking much too far!
You’re the only reason I can find
For feeling below par!

I blame you diabetes –
You’ve made my nose so sore!
It’s not cos I’ve been picking it –
That’s what my nostril’s for!

Oh why, please, diabetes
Did you just trip me up?
Why did you make me spill my tea,
And almost drop my cup?

I’m cold now, diabetes,
And I blame you of course!
It’s not cos there’s no heating on,
I hope you feel remorse!

You see, dear diabetes,
You cause me so much grief!
Don’t try to claim it isn’t you,
For that’s beyond belief!

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