Thursday, 18 March 2010

Stop right there- it’s the Diabetes Police!

Any person with diabetes will, sooner or later, have a run-in with the Diabetes Police, those possibly well-meaning individuals who believe they know best. Usually, their entire knowledge of diabetes and what it entails is based on myth or a half-remembered and completely erroneous storyline about a minor character in a soap opera. You, on the other hand, simply live with the disease 24/7, so what do you know? And yet, you will be berated for having a treat, condemned for not making the effort, and deemed lucky that diabetes is such an easy thing to manage – if only you put some effort into it! Grrr!!!

I wonder how it would be if, one day, these people suddenly found themselves in the same boat?

I know you made some effort with that diet and exercise stuff,
But look – your levels are rising! You didn’t try hard enough!
I saw you eat that chocolate! I saw you with that pie!
Not food for diabetics, a fact you can’t deny!

So please come with me quietly, you’ll find that we know best,
We might release you with a warning, after you’ve confessed –
You can manage diabetes easily, but only if you try!
Admit we know much more than you, and please don’t question why!

You want to know what qualifies me to talk to you this way?
OK, then I’ll be honest and explain it if I may.
I don’t have diabetes, don’t really have a clue,
But I know it’s caused by sugar, and being fat and lazy too!

That gives me every right to say when you don’t feel so good,
You’ve brought it on yourself you fool, and don’t eat what you should!
We’ll lock you in a cake-free cell and throw away the key,
So try to exercise self-control, and model yourself on me!

{{{phone rings}}}

Excuse me, I have to answer this, it’s about my glucose test…
My goodness! What’s come over me? I must sit down and rest!
He says I’m diabetic! That makes me just like you!
How terrible! How frightening! Please – tell me what to do!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this I am type II, diabetic and have manage for over 20 years.

    I watch my carbs and portion control is a big part of my menu planning. So I can have that cake,eat that potato and have the pasta. I exercise 30 - 45 minutes a day. Even if it is just a walk.

    Carol Ann - (Diabetes & Me)