Saturday, 13 March 2010


Apologies for the lack of recent activity here, I have just got back from visiting relatives. I was lucky enough to be staying in a holiday cottage rented by my dad and step-mother in Skipton, in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales! The picture above is the view over the canal from the cottage window. The weather was gloriously sunny for virtually the whole time, although this did mean that it was rather chilly at times - still, far better than gloomy, miserable rain!

As this was the first time I had flown since being diagnosed I was a little worried about carrying the insulin, especially after the recent incident concerning the Detroit 'pants bomber'. However, I simply informed the staff when asked if I had any liquids that I was carrying insulin and everything was fine. They didn't even check, so that is another hurdle out of the way in my diabetes journey!

More poems soon!

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