Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Circle D 2nd Anniversary and Forum London Meet

Well, it finally happened on Saturday, April 24th - thirty members of Circle D and Diabetes Support Forum got together in London to celebrate Circle D's 2nd birthday! Weather was gloriously sunny, and actually warm - hot even! I met up with Tom, Tez and Shiv at Victoria and, once Tom had recovered from the hypo he was having (!) we set off, map in hand, to make our way over to Leicester Square. Thankfully, the route was fairly straightforward, or so we thought: up Buckingham Palace Road, onto The Mall, round Trafalgar Square and up Charing Cross Road. Well, it mostly went to plan, except that The Mall and in particular the area in front of Buckingham Palace was packed with crowds of tourists watching the changing of the guard. We decided to walk through St James Park, very pleasant and peaceful and a far better option to travelling underground on such a lovely day!

After a little unplanned detour we finally emerged onto Leicester Square where I managed to spot Yates down in the bottom corner, my brain still just about functioning as the jelly babies kicked in after my en route hypo. Shelley was waving like a woman possesed and difficult to miss! And so the day was set for the next six hours for me, and much, much longer for a few of the others who partied on into the night. Shelley was the perfect hostess, making sure that everyone was welcomed and introduced. There was a real mix, in part due to the fact that Circle D is a group for 18-30 year old diabetics and who therefore provided much of the 'youth', plus one or two old timers (erm, like me!). Becky had travelled furthest on the day, from York at some ungodly hour, and Steff had travelled furthest overall having come all the way from Geordieland.

It was great to renew acquaintances and to put faces to names of the people I hadn't met before. Everyone had a great time, except maybe the poor barman who served Becky a non-diet coke when she'd ordered a diet one - diastix were being used in abundance to test the presence of sugar in 'diet' drinks, a frequent problem for diabetics. Bar staff don't realise the possible impact of a full-sugar drink on a diabetic person's blood sugar levels which can become unexpectedly, and sometimes dangerously, high. I finally got back home at around 9:30 pm after a good coach journey and a fortuitous encounter with a Number 3 bus as I was just passing the bus stop! Well, pictures speak louder than words, especially when they move, so here is Becky's wonderful video of the day's shenanigans:

And a selection of photos - mostly by Shelley, but a few of mine too!


  1. Aw, that's a really good write up, Northe! I love it! :D

  2. Northe,

    Where do I pick up these magical sticks? Pharmacy? Are they just regular pee sticks? I would love to carry some in my purse as this just happened to me yesterday (and once before at a work party - and I only realized after I downed two regular Pepsis!!!)

    Thanks so much.

    email me please.