Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Icelandic volcano? No – my blood pressure!

A couple of weeks ago I went for a routine check up at the doctors and had my blood pressure taken. The doctor could hardly believe how high it was, and checked several times to make sure the equipment was working correctly! She told me to double the dose of my BP medication and book another appointment, which I attended yesterday. This time, it was still far too high, although an improvement on the previous visit, so I am to double my medication again (although this is still a relatively small dose).

Blood pressure, or rather the high or low varieties, are something unseen and largely unfelt. Low blood pressure can sometimes cause dizziness or fainting, but high blood pressure can often not show any symptoms at all. If high BP is allowed to continue for any length of time, however it can do major damage to the arteries, kidneys and eyes, os it’s something I have to tackle quickly. Hopefully, the new dose of medicine will make an appropriate contribution, but I am also staying well away from alcohol and being especially careful of things like salt content of food. I’m also back to running again, now that I have recovered from the bad cold that I suffered with last week, so hopefully this will bring more improvement. I have to report back in about a month’s time and am expecting to hear the words ‘130/80, that’s perfect!’

Blood pressure setting is on overload,
My arteries will burst, my head will explode!
My kidneys will leak, my eyesight will fail!
My systolic pressure is right off the scale!

I could pump enough blood to sustain a blue whale!
I must change the ending of this sorry tale,
My diastolic pressure is over the ton,
Like the cold hard metal of a loaded gun!

How could I have got to this stage of distress?
I must be a wreck, a physical mess!
But no, I don’t feel it, what hypertension?
No symptoms to speak of, or not worth a mention…

But I’m not too dismayed, though the figures are bad,
For to fret and to worry, why I’d drive myself mad!
So I’m working on ways to bring it right down,
And try to keep smiling, and never to frown.

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