Tuesday, 6 April 2010

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GL Diet Recipe Book and Health Plan – Maggie Pannell

This is a fairly newly-published large format book containing an explanation of GI (Glycaemic Index) and GL (Glycaemic Load) principles, plus a large selection of recipes, lavishly illustrated with full colour photographs.

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The book begins with an excellent introduction explaining the concepts of GI and GL, and the ways in which this approach can improve health, weight control and blood sugar levels. It’s not aimed specifically at diabetics, but explains clearly how high GI/GL foods can cause difficulties maintaining stable blood sugar control, in addition to numerous health benefits of low GL. This is followed by very accessible and informative sections on the categorisation of food, which foods to choose and their recommended proportions in your diet, how to adapt your current diet according to your lifestyle and tips on shopping and cooking.

There is a two week suggested meal planner, and finally sections for the recipes themselves – soups and light meals, vegetarian dishes, fish and shellfish main dishes, poultry and meat mains, salads, and desserts. The recipes are not complicated and the ingredients should be easily sourced from a good supermarket or (if you are lucky to have them!) local independent shops.

On the whole, a very impressive and comprehensive book for those seeking to understand the principles of GI/GL with a good set of recipes clearly explained – and it’s quite cheap too, currently £8.99 on amazon!

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