Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Now a lesson on how to protect your blog...

...from the Blog thief! As has been commented, there is now an accompanying lesson on how to prevent your blog from being lifted by making amendments to the RSS feed settings. I wonder if he got the clue from the fact that I'd just done that before posting my last blog?

When I checked last night there were about 2,500 diabetes-related blogs on the site. All were presented as though they had been posted to the site intentionally, but without attribution of any kind. Incidentally, the site also had many other sections, not diabetes related, that had been populated in the same manner, so the quantity of copyrighted material was huge. It may be that the site was host to lots of individual member sites and the diabetes was just one member out of many. However you don't steal that much creative effort and think that no-one will care. Be vigilant!

From what I can gather the site owner is of Indian origin.

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