Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Oh Weeping Nostrils!

I have a cold. Typical, just when I was getting back into my running now that the better weather and brighter days have arrived. I shouldn’t really run when I’m ill as it puts extra strain on my system when it’s already trying to fight the infection. The last time I had a proper cold I didn’t have diabetes to go along with it. Now I’m having to keep a close eye on my blood sugar levels to make sure they don’t climb too high, and it’s quite possible that, if they do I’ll have to start peeing on sticks to see if I have any ketones (they’re the nasties that turn your blood into acid and put you in hospital). Oh, woe is me! Actually, I seem to have got off quite lightly since diagnosis, illness-wise, so I can’t really complain. I’m just hoping this cold goes soon so I can start clearing the backlog on my 1000 mile/1000 km challenge that I’ve got significantly behind on due to the awful winter. If only Kate Bush would pop round and take a few hours out of her busy schedule to minister to my needs…

Oh Nostrils, why do you weep so?
And Throat, why feel so sore?
And Eyes, who filled you full of sand?
And Head, could you hurt more?

It’s flu, I say! Despite my jab
That should save me from harm,
My sugar levels are creeping up,
I may have bought the farm!

Oh where is Kate, with her soft hands
To mop my fevered brow?
No doubt gone Wuthering on the Moor…
Oh what shall I do now?

OK, it’s man-flu, I confess,
It’s sympathy I seek,
Or else, I swear, it’s certain I’ll
Be dead within a week!

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