Friday, 16 April 2010

Spring has sprung -finally!

First true Spring day today! I'm basing this on the fact that this is the first day this year I have been able to hang my laundry out to dry in the Sun and gentle breezes - and everything was dry in less than an hour! At last the Spring flowers are blooming - yellow and pink are the predominant colours at this time of the year. If only I didn't have this wretched cold I would be feeling marvellous, grrr! The week started well, with runs on Monday and Tuesday, but then the sneezing started and scuppered my plans for getting back to fitness. Interestingly, despite all that I have ever read about being ill when you are diabetic, my blood sugar levels have been practically faultless, staying well within range throughout. I'm very grateful for that - I wonder what it is about my body that means it can cope with illness when others can't? The common result is that levels climb high, despite extra insulin, and ketones (and consequently the threat of ketoacidosis) appear. None of that for me, so far - touch wood! Anyway, here are some of the lovely plants in their Spring glory!

Kerria Japonica


Flowering currant



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