Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Stop Thief!

Yesterday I discovered that my blog post 'The Goldilocks Dose', a poem about diabetes and getting the insulin dose 'just right', had been stolen in its entirety and reproduced without any attribution to me and without my permission. The post appeared on a site called http://www.groupstalk.com/diabetes/2010/04/05/ . Today the post has been removed, with an 'apology' from that website's owner, and a promise not to steal anything else. I'm just wondering if this will show up there, as the site still appears to be harvesting blogs after the apology has been posted. I don't believe that any of these posts are from people who have willingly agreed to have their work published there without any reference or attribution. I would probably not have minded an excerpt, with link to my blog that would bring me some more readers.

I will see if this 'apology' and 'promise' are upheld.

1 comment:

  1. "a promise not to steal anything else" ?! Well, then it's all good ;)

    You know the depths of the great World Wide Mess, it'll be on someone else's site by now. Sorry to hear that your blog's been abused by a lazy thief.