Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Call this May? It's more like March! Brrr!!!!!

Well, after a very brief period of hopefulness in mid-April, it seems that the weather is now just as cold as it has been for the past six months! Well, maybe not quite, but it still demands coats and long-sleeved shirts, heating in the house, and a snug corner in the pub by the fire! Apparently, there was snow in Scotland yesterday with more frosts expected. Will we ever see warmth again in this country? Well, there is a little warmth emanating from the brave plants that have decided to bloom despite instincts to the contrary, no doubt. Some of my favourites of early Spring in my garden are the azaleas, and also the glorious clematis that cloaks my house in masses of pink blooms, so I thought I would put pictures here for posterity. No poems recently - my muse has left me, it seems, along with the warm Spring sunshine!

Pink azalea

Red azalea

Clematis 'Montana'

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